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From junkie Lolita to poo potion

Vivien Lash tours a century of Vogue and wonders whether heroin chic has been superseded by Dr Stossier’s stale bread regime The theory that fashion magazines spawn eating disorders is exposed to ridicule by the fat ladies poring over the pictures at Vogue 100 in London’s National Portrait Gallery (until 22nd May 2016), a show […]

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Botulism paralysis at London Fashion Week

Vivien Lash surveys the scene at London’s bastard child of the shows London Fashion Week, already the bastard child of the shows, has been upstaged by of all people that supporter of British brands the Prime Minister. Designers and their dresses just can’t compete with allegations about the leader of the sexually repressed world fucking […]

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About Carole Morin

Carole Morin is a Glasgow-born novelist who lives in Soho, London. To date she has had three novels published: Lampshades, Penniless in Park Lane and Dead Glamorous. Carole Morin’s fiction is critically acclaimed and has been described as ‘Sylvia Plath with a sense of humour’ (Glasgow Herald) and ‘A Scottish nihilistic Catcher in the Rye’ […]

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