‘Spying On Strange Men’ film

A glimpse into the strange, scary, funny world of ‘Spying On Strange Men’.
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  1. Peter February 20, 2015 at 9:19 pm #

    Blue-black haired Vivian Lash would certainly have given Alfred Hitchcock’s distant blond fetish a major pause, if not cured him of it. Francie’s tourist filled colorful sites turned into dusty exotic locales, Marion’s 50’s bra’s and slips replaced by Shanghai silk underwear, Marnie’s here this moment, gone next sexual trysts made even more neurotic.

    Carole Morin’s Spying On Strange Men serves up a black comedy homage to film noir classics: Rear Window, Suspicion, Double Indemnity, Don’t Look Back and references a few others; complete with a twist ending out of left field providing a genuine OMG didn’t see that coming moment worthy of Hitchcock at his best. Sharp, cynical, precise, deceptive.

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