Dead Glamorous (signed first edition)

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A limited edition of Carole Morin’s ‘Autobiography of seduction and self destruction’, ‘Dead Glamorous’, signed by the author. Personal dedications on request.

‘A cocktail of sex, booze and film stars…the fast pace and punchy writing are addictive.’  The Guardian

‘Carole Morin has enough autobiography to last her a lifetime,’ wrote Allan Brown in the Sunday Times, ’90 per cent of it comprises Dead Glamorous – or at least the 90 per cent she claims to be true. The rest is obfuscation and exaggeration, designed to give her already improbable tale the sheen of some glorious myth.’ Morin, in the same interview claims that critics’ attempts to identify which part was invention were usually wayward. ‘The clues are definitely in the book,’ she said, ‘but none of the reviewers got it right. They say, how can she expect us to believe this bit is true, when I know that it is.’


‘About five minutes after I finished this book…I started reading it again.’  William Leith, Mail on Sunday

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1 review for Dead Glamorous (signed first edition)

  1. Sarah Jane McBride

    Proud to be Scottish. A MUST read book!

    Finally, a book which has made me proud to be from Glasgow.

    Carole Morin’s writing is both eloquent, witty and edgy.

    I became absorbed in the whole saga of the Money family, in particular, Maria Money.
    The characters are not only believable but familiar and eccentric.

    I cannot stress how much I LOVE this book. It was a personal revelation to read a novel by a Scottish writer that did not make me cringe once.

    Carole Morin is a genius, FACT!

    Also, the fact that Carole name-checks all of my favourite films and famous tragic blondes e.g. Sylvia, Marilyn etc. is an added bonus.

    11 out of 10 shining, golden stars. I cannot reccommend this book enough. Sarah Jane McBride (Amazon)

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