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Threatened by a killer virus, the city formerly known as London splits into two zones. On one side the safe bubble of Pure World; on the other the perils of Fleshworld. When Rich’s perfect wife disappears, he has to cross to the dark side to save her. Time is running out. Has she already been soiled forever? And why did she go to Fleshworld?

“A funfair slide through Clockwork Orange’s purgatorial milk bar.”
The Times


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“Fleshworld is a compelling and elegantly-crafted novel.” The Scotsman

“Fleshworld is psychopomp: a funfair slide through Clockwork Orange’s purgatorial milk bar into the seminal experimentations of Michael Moorcock…” The Times

Fleshworld is a dark, transgressive novel shot through with disturbing sexual imagery.“  The Herald

Limited edition paperback original.  Signed and numbered copies are only available here.


 “Caution: Carole Morin is deliciously dangerous for your peace of mind.”  Sir Harold Evans

1 review for Fleshworld (signed first edition) UK

  1. Jim Sclavunos

    “Fleshworld’s body horror fever dream confessionals are set in a too-near future reminiscent of a not-so-distant past: seedy ‘70s Times Square-style sleaze meets Transhumanist dystopia — another shudder-a-minute page turner from the inimitable Carole Morin.” Jim Sclavunos (Bad Seeds)

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