Spying on Strange Men:
Carole Morin’s noirish thriller

Spying On Strange Men is as timeless as a classic Martini. Before you realise it, it’s dusk and there’s a sinister chill in the air…  

double-indemnityEver wanted to kill someone?

Some love stories are all hearts and flowers. If that’s your experience then you can probably buy some chocolate hearts somewhere else.

But maybe like James Lash, you ‘panic when happiness closes in’. Or like his wife Vivien, the charismatic artist who could just be a little bit psychotic, you’ve wondered to yourself, ‘Should I laugh out loud, or bite him?’

In that case this twisted love story could be the novel you’ve been waiting for. Maybe you’ve dreamed about plotting an escape with a glamorous outsider, or there’s someone who, hard though you try, keeps on calling you back.

Described in the Scotsman as ‘Double Indemnity without the insurance policy’, Spying on Strange Men is beautiful, cruel, hilarious and compelling.

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After all, love and murder are almost the same thing anyway.

Listen to Carole Morin reading an extract.

More about the story.

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