Spying on Strange Men


Spying on Strange Men is the new book by Carole Morin, the author of Dead Glamorous, Penniless in Park Lane, and Lampshades.

Vivien Lash has the life that everyone wants. A successful artist, with the perfect husband; a mysterious diplomat who adores her.  She spends her time gleefully tracking her ‘installation’, which is what she calls her creepy neighbour.

Spying on Strange Men begins as a comedy, illuminated by Vivien Lash’s imaginative way of seeing the world. She doesn’t so much have a habit of seeking out the grotesquely funny, she just seems to act as a magnet for it. Then all of a sudden, like a summer night in a strange city, the reader realises it’s getting dark, and the surroundings that seemed amusing a few pages back, are suddenly threatening.

What is Mr Lash really doing on all his foreign trips? Is Elvis the night porter as harmless as he first appears? And, while she’s watching Creepy Neighbour, is someone watching her?

Nothing can prepare you for the shocking, perversely beautiful ending.