Vivien Lash: Shallow not Stupid

Vivien Lash is Carole Morin’s evil twin. She writes the Shallow Not Stupid column at New York Fashion Magazine Hint .

Highlights of  Shallow Not Stupid include:

The secrets of Frida Kahlo’s bathroom: she tried to drown her sorrows in Tequila but the bastards learned to swim.

Shallow not Schiele: Egon Shiele’s skinny sluts confront voyeurs with their own desire.

My Crazy Valentine: if anorexic Crazy Keiko can’t find a Valentine, what chance is there for chubsters who’ve been on the chocolate hearts.

A passing scent of Africa: Vivien Lash takes a personal journey through the olfactory exhibits of Somerset House’s Perfume show.

Watching the defectives: Vivien Lash is a reluctant voyeur on the horroshow that is twenty first century politics.

Watching Deep Throat with Kenneth Tynan: Vivien Lash spends some time between the silk sheets with Tracy Tynan’s account of stage-managing her mad, bad parents.

Sex, death and Rennaissance selfies: Caravaggio was haunted by his own selfies in an age before photography, says Vivien Lash.

Eating custard with Kubrick and O’Keeffe: Vivien Lash remembers Stanley and his chocolate logs and muses on the sensual compositions of Georgia.

The sculptor of the thinster: Vivien Lash argues that Giacometti captured an ephemeral spirit of Paris in his emaciated forms.

The stalkers of Howarth: Vivien Lash profiles Charlotte and Emily, the nice virgins who put the hours in stalking back when it was hard work.

From heroin chic to poo potion: Vivien Lash takes a tour of a century of Vogue and wonders if heroin chic has been superseded by Dr Stossier’s stale bread diet.

Botulism paralysis at London Fashion Week: Vivien Lash surveys the scene at London’s bastard child of the shows.

Art, addicts and detachable penises: There’s more to enduring celebrity than a successful nose job. Vivien Lash considers the case of Peggy Guggenheim, fairy godmother to the twentieth century.

Doing the mountain detox: Vivien Lash heads for the Austrian alps to do a luxury penance for all those Martinis.

Testament to a tarnished angel: Vivien Lash analyses the legacy of Alexander McQueen – the fat boy who conquered the fashion world, then went back to his closet to kill himself.

Blue stocking to fashion junkie: Virginia Woolf was cruelly treated in death, being played by Nicole Kidman in a giant prosthetic nose, says Vivien Lash.

Deaths are easier to remember than birthdays: Vivien Lash explains why writing your own ending never hurt a career.

Queen Viv’s democracy show: Mrs Lash on ‘the other Viv’, the Divine Westwood.

Come to the Hotel Adlon my friend: Mrs Lash changes trains in a Berlin that always seems to exist in more than one time zone

Vulgar Versace and microwaved cleavage: Vivien ‘Whose taboo?’ Lash on the tragicomic glamour of funerals.

Queen of vampiric fashion: Death always hung over hardcore fashion predator Isabella Blow, says Vivien ‘Who wants to be loved by the undiscriminating?’ Lash.

Fatties on the catwalk: Terrible person Vivien Lash wonders if fat models are as useful as blind pilots.

Touchingly vulgar: Vivien Lash on ‘Scarlet Goth’ Sebastian Horsley.

Pure as the driven Snowden: Vivien lashes Nosegate and voyeur supreme Edward Snowden.

Nothing is ever as bad as it used to be: Vivien Lash defends Baz Luhrmann’s Gatsby.

The latest must have accessory: Vivien Lash on the Japanese super stalker.

Svengali of the collective imagination: Vivien Lash on David Bowie.

Seduce and destroy: Vivien Lash on Diana Vreeland.

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