Carole Morin: pure dead glamorous

Carole Morin novelist

Carole Morin was born in the East End of Glasgow ‘city of chipped shoulders and the glam razor revival’.  She clawed her way out of the slums and now lives in Soho.  At 16 she was Junior Diplomat to the United States where she tested the boundaries of diplomatic immunity.  She was writer-in-residence at Wormwood Scrubs prison and Literary Fellow at the University of East Anglia.  

She has beaten Stanley Kubrick in a dessert-eating contest, drunk mojitos with Fidel Castro, and been mistaken for Graham Greene’s Eurasian daughter in Hanoi.  Reviews of her novels are so good she’s been accused of writing them herself.

Her books include Dead Glamorous and Spying On Strange Men both of which can be purchased from this site.

NEW:  DEAD GLAMOROUS e-book  “A cocktail of sex, booze and film stars, the fast pace and punchy writing are addictive.”  The Guardian

A full biography can be found on Carole Morin’s Wikipedia page.


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